Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Art Materials

4 types of paper: tracing, construction, minila, and drawing (80 press)

4 types of non paper: wood, canvas, fabric, and plastic

5 non paint: fruits, grease, pens, markers, and colored pencils 

5 non paint (b&w): charcoal, pencil, pens, colored pencils

5 materials (3D artwork): cardboard, Legos, construction paper, clay, and an app

5 different types of adhesives: glue, gum, tape, staples, slip (clay)

2 items you have no idea what they do: light table (for tracing) and dremel tool (buffing and shaping)

5 materials not listed that you can make art with: ink, candles wax, food color, oil, and water color 

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