Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scratchboard Project

Since it was my first time using a scratchboard I didn't know any techniques, but it was fun learning in the process. It was difficult creating small details an adding depth. I am proud of my final piece and am excited to do another scratchboard project.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Size Drawing

Drawing life size had many challenges in its self. For my first life size drawing I am proud of myself. It looked different on the ground compared to being taped on the wall, but I can see improvement in the smaller details of my drawing compared to day one. I really enjoyed this project. The next time I try it again, I won't do it on the ground and I will make my drawing more proportional.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

figure drawings

This is the second time I have drawn figure drawings. The first time I learned to draw figure drawings was in Art 1. Watching the videos before practicing helped give me a new technique on how to make my drawings better and to help me give my drawing a realistic proportion and body shape. Drawing our figure drawings on the IPads were a lot of fun and was much easier than what I expected. The lines were able to flow and the drawings turned out good.

full body portrait (before)


This is my first full body portrait. It is also the first time I had drawn in charcoal. This project was frustrating because it was hard to get my drawing proportional. I have learned for the next time to draw out the proportions first instead of starting from the head and working my way down.

self portrait

1.This was the first time I have done a self portrait and it was fairly difficult. I am glad that we were able to practice drawing individual facial features and learned how to make it proportional to the face. It helped me make my drawing more realistic instead of animated. This has helped me improve my techniques and has given me more confidence to try more realistic drawings.
2.I was very motivated during this project because love portrait drawings. I was excited to learn how to draw facial features correctly and with an easier method. My willingness to learn different techniques helped me a lot. My drawings became more realistic and the proportions were almost exact.
3.I am very happy with my final product because it is my first time drawing a more realistic self portrait. Throughout the project I learned more and I will be able to put it towards other projects.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Portrait drawing 1

This was my first portrait drawing. To learn how to get the size of the facial features correct, we were given a skeleton to draw over. This was a hard assignment because I did not know the techniques of drawing a portrait and it was also frustrating because my drawing looked very animated.

skeleton drawing

We drew skeletons to learn how to shade and draw the body based on proportions. The skeleton was difficult to draw if you were not motivated and having all of the dimensions of the bones in the drawing was fairly challenging. I was glad when I finished because drawing skeletons are very time consuming and frustrating, but also fun at the same time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transparent Project


Finding ideas for the transparent project was surprisingly difficult. I didn't want to do something that was common, but I also didn't want to do something so difficult that I would lose track of time and not be able to finish.

The light bulb itself was nerve wrecking because I didn't want it to look flat. The highlights and small details were hard, but I managed to get through it and I am happy with the outcome. The view behind the windows will be difficult because the source I have has the trees blurred and it is very light.

I finished drawing the flowers and added different highlights to the windows to make it have an old fashioned feel. I also added highlights in the corners of the windows to make it seem more realistic.
I am happy with my final product, but I wish I could have done better with the background. I am happy with the way the light bulb and the flowers turned out. This is unusual and not seen very often. I am also happy with my windows because they have a vintage feel and gives the project a more old fashioned look.

Candy Drawing

This drawing was fun because I was able to practice my highlighting. Also, I was able to use my imagination and use other colors in the drawing that were not in the candy. I enjoyed the candy project and realized what I needed to practice to make my drawings seem more realistic.

Point of View project

This project was very time consuming. It was hard and frustrating at the same time since I wanted to get every detail right. I wish I would have done more shading to make certain areas look more realistic. Overall, I am not disappointed in my final project, but I wish I would have done more instead of giving up.


This drawing was fun because it gave me a chance to work on my shading and highlights.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Room: Contour Lines

Drawing the art room in contour lines was hard because there were a lot of small details and it was hard to keep up the motivation to continue drawing. This project was fun and seeing the final product, it was worth doing. Also, next time I do a project like this, I know better to not rush and to take my time.

Instruments: Contour Lines

The first project with contour lines was to draw instruments. The instruments that we had to draw was a guitar, a trumpet, a clarinet, and a violin. Drawing instruments was hard and having to draw them in pen made it that much harder. Also it was frustrating because the lines you dew wouldn't always be straight and if you mess up on a detail, you have to keep going because you aren't able to erase it.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Introduction to contour lines

As an introduction to contour drawings, the class drew hands. First, the class drew their hand without looking at it. The second time we drew our hand, we were able to draw our hand while both looking  at the paper and our hand. While drawing we were not able to lift up the pencil. The drawing was not supposed to look like a sketch, but a continuous line.


Drawing bottles was very difficult. Sometimes it is overwhelming when you are trying to capture both the light and the shadows throughout the bottle. Also the shape can be very irritating, especially when you are perfectionist. What helped me with this project was when Mrs. Rossi went over drawing the circles to give the drawing more dimensions.

Drawing Introduction

As an introduction into drawing, the class drew the fruits in front of them. I drew a orange that had circular shadows on the bottom and I also drew a value chart at the top that helps with gaging how dark I should shade on my drawing.