Monday, October 29, 2012


Durring this project we had to find a picture that had texture and could show positive and negative space. Then we found a picture to photoshop and used the threshold to allow us to see what needed to stay or what needed to be cut. The picture that we needed for this project had to have good contrast for the final product to work. This stencil worked as a collage to allow the final product to have good compostion. It was hard trying to cut out this stencil and I was worried that people would not know that it was a bridge. But I liked how it came out and I am glad that I used purple and black spray paint becuase I think that it made certain areas stand out more to make it look more like a bridge.
The positve space of my drawing is the white space and the negative space was cut out with a Xacto knife and what I had spray painted. This allowed to picture to have texture and look more like a bridge.

Light Drawings

During this activity we used our phones and stencils to make objects appear by lgiht. The stecnicl allowed some artwork to have more texture than others.
The postive and negative space was shown in the picture from the stencil and from the dark spaces in pictures stencils were not used. Doing this made the picture stand out and made it noticable without people wondering what it might be.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Print Making

My animal had a lot of texture to begin with. So the final photos came out with texture and the way that I carved my animal, made it look more realistic.
I added texture by the colors I selected and the way that I had carved it. The colors that I used where lighter or darker than the other so the animal was not hard to find and you were able to know what it looked like. Also the way that I carved it allowed it to get more texture because the bigger or smaller carvings made it look more realistic.
The negative space was the lighter color in my final picture and the positive space was the darker. Doing this made the animal more noticable and made the image easier to see.
I think that I achieved my goal and that I used my tools and colors to the best of my abilities.
Finding a good picture and being able to trace it on to the rubber that you were carving into was an advantage. But it was hard at times getting the right sized tool and cutting the piece to your likings but overall print making was fairly easy and I am proud of my final.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Print Making in Progress

Texture is important because when you start to carve your piece, it allows the drawing to stand out and to look more realistic.

It is important to have refrences so you know what the background an animal should look like. Also if you go by memory, the viewers my not be able to recognize what it is and the final product may not be as good as you anticipated.

When looking at a sketch, you can tell which one has the most texture. Animals that have more ridges and bumps, have more texture than animals that appear smooth. The more texture that the animal or your drawing has, makes the artwork stand out and appear stronger than the rest.

Chalk Mural

During this project, it was hard to come  up with a idea. It was fun working with others and creating art that anybody could be apart of. Everyone put their best efforts in the mural and I think that it turned out great when we were finished with it.

It's important that we work together so we can have everyone's ideas put into the mural and that we are all happy with the finished product. It also makes time go by faster and you get alot more done, quicker.

Throuhgout the project, I think everyone enjoyed working on it and the chalk drawing itself.  We were all pleased about how it came out. Because our mural was fun and had it's own personality.

I enjoyed knowing that my artwork could be interacted with others around the school. It made my group and I happy to hear compliments that students and teachers have made on our artwork.