Thursday, January 29, 2015

Portrait (Art 2)

My art skills have developed tremendously over the years and by practicing more often, they continue to develop. Proportions are always hard for me to grasp. I use to hope for the best and free hand, but now I learned a new technique to create a more realistic feel for my portraits.

Honestly, my inspiration either comes straight from Pinterest and tumblr or it relates to what has happened to me and how I am feeling at the moment. When I'm bored, I think of random ideas and write them down. Usually they are fairly weird so it's a good feeling to create something that's different and people are like "wow, that's cool".

This class gives a lot of freedom to the students and sometimes I don't know what to do with it. Coming up with ideas in general are hard and it's even harder when you know that you have many tools around you that you can use to make your piece that much cooler. It is also hard to follow original ideas because they may be a bit more advanced than your skills. This piece I had to compromise wth my abilities. My original idea was to have her repatching herself and more less trying to heal herself, but I couldn't get the right references so I kept with the skeleton idea and only drew the face of of a girl with the jaw of her skull showing.