Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Art 3 Exam


The personality project was my favorite creation in Art 3.  My strong suit is drawing with pencil.  I am very comfortable making pieces with pencil and had fun coming up with ideas of what to do for my final piece.  Overall, this project was fun becuase you could create anything you wanted based on a sheet that described a fellow classmate.  

What this piece says about me is that I don't necessarily push my limitations with color and out of the box materials to create my work, but I am capable of coming up with fun ideas to grab the viewers attention.  

I believe that this piece is better than the rest of my previous work in the class becuase I took more time coming up with the idea and more passion was put in this piece compared to the others.  This project was more fun for me, personally, and it shows.  

What makes this project "good" is that it has a fun, creative idea the portrays a more realistic meaning about a person in the class.  Also, the small details draws the viewer in and allows them to be engaged as well. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Metaphor Project

The metaphor project was fun.  I drew my boyfriend and I holding hands with pencil on drawing paper.  After I drew on top of it with transparent paper.  I originally wanted to draw a realistic heart, but the marker I used did not work well with my hand drawing so I compromised by drawing angel wings.  The angel wings figuratively make the drawing beautiful because it hints that our relationship is angelic and we will go through life together. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Personality Project

For this project, the class received random papers about one of the students in the class.  The student I got gave me some comical information that I loved using to create this piece.  He said that he loved the cool dinosaurs and hated peanuts because he was allergic to them.  This information along with a reference picture of a dinosaur inspired me to create a dinosaur being beaten by a peanut.  The piece was drawn in pencil on minila paper.  I wish I would have done the drawing on a sturdier paper and added color to make the drawing more realistic.  Overall, I had fun with this project and would love to do another similar. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Art Materials

4 types of paper: tracing, construction, minila, and drawing (80 press)

4 types of non paper: wood, canvas, fabric, and plastic

5 non paint: fruits, grease, pens, markers, and colored pencils 

5 non paint (b&w): charcoal, pencil, pens, colored pencils

5 materials (3D artwork): cardboard, Legos, construction paper, clay, and an app

5 different types of adhesives: glue, gum, tape, staples, slip (clay)

2 items you have no idea what they do: light table (for tracing) and dremel tool (buffing and shaping)

5 materials not listed that you can make art with: ink, candles wax, food color, oil, and water color