Art One Finals Portfolio

I felt that my value drawing was the most successful because it showed my true art abilities and how much I have improved since the beginning of the semester. I had fun doing this project because we drew other people and learned how to properly shade. This project ended up helping me with other projects when I needed to add color or certain characteristics to the project to make it seem more realistic. Also this project was not overly hard because I traced the outline of the face and other objects that I could find. During this project I noticed that I need to work on smaller details and to take my time so it won't appear sloppy or rushed. 

This was one of the first projects that I did in class. I had to go around the room to different tables and draw the things that were on the table. For example a turtle, bug, sea shells, or pine cones. I enjoyed this project because it set a goal for me on things that I needed to work on. Near the beginning of the year, I did not know how to properly shade or color my artwork. This piece was something to look back on and to see how much I have grown and how I have developed new art skills since the beginning of the semester.

This project showed what I have learned since the beginning of the semester. I used different colors that complemented eachother and I used different sized carving tools to make certain areas stand out and to add  texture. Having a good amount of texture allowed the artwork to have a more realistic feel. 

I felt that this project was the least important in learning concepts but it was alot of fun to do. During this project we used a camera to capture fast light movements from glow sticks. We decided to use our stencils from a past project. Doing this it allowed the picture to have more value. Overall it was a fun project but did not teach us any techniques.

My acrylic landscape painting reflects me the most because it shows you how much I have improved since the beginning of the semester and what I love. This project gave me new techniques on how to paint and how to achieve a more realistic look. What made this project fun, and created a whole lot of laughs, was when Mr. Sands played Bob Ross. We all believed in ourselves and painted beautiful paintings.

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