Drawing Final Exam

The transparent project was my most successful piece because I was able to create many dimensions that made my piece look realistic. It was hard to find an idea for this project that was interesting and could keep me motivated throughout the process. I tried different techniques and used new materials that I haven't fully grasped. I was inspired by one of the AP artists to use a different background, but I wish I would have used a different color. The colors that I used were to give it an antique feel. I tried making the glass look old and sun-kissed in the corners. It was difficult to make the background behind the window. In the picture the background was blurry. I enjoyed doing this project, even though I felt some features were more successful than others.

My least successful piece was my candy drawing. This was the first time I had used prisma colors and I did not know any techniques or how to blend different colors to give my piece better value. It was frustrating and fun. I wish I would have done a better job capturing the highlights in the wrapper. I would have liked to ask how to draw the highlights better and how to capture the candy better. I also would have liked to take more time. My piece looks rushed and looks like I put forth little effort. I enjoyed using prisma colors and would love to do another project with them.
My lip drawings have shown improvement. When first starting the portrait drawings it was hard. My drawings would look animated instead of looking realistic. With practice and videos showing us how to draw a facial features properly, I was able to improve in my portrait drawing techniques. It is difficult drawing facial features because you have to shade and highlight the face in certain ways to add depth and value. Also, drawing facial features properly allows your portrait to have expression. When your portrait captures the personality of the person, it gives the viewer a different perception of your piece. I was inspired when learning how to draw portraits and I am very motivated to do more portrait pieces.
These two mini lessons helped me with my point of view project. The ribbon drawing gave me the opportunity to work on my shading and to learn more techniques. I was able to have more realistic depth and value in my drawing and I was able to incorporate my shading techniques in other pieces. The contour line drawing allowed me to appreciate time and having good proportions. My point of view project was not my favorite because it had to be very precise and proportional. It was a challenging piece that I wish I could have spent more time on. There was enough instructions given to be able to do the project thoroughly. I would have liked to have more practice on shading and creating more of a 3D feel.  

My favorite medium to work with is a pencil. Pencils are the most basic tool. I have learned many techniques with pencil rather than any other medium. Techniques that uses pencil is usually easier for me to grasp and to master quicker. I am able to show value and depth in my drawings and when I make a mistake I am able to erase it. Also, I enjoy using pencils because they come in different shades and sizes. This allows and easier transition for different elements in my pieces. Although pencils are fairly easy to work with, I enjoy learning with other mediums as well.

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