Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Attack of the goldfish. I photoshoped this picture to make a nice picture turn into a women being attacked by goldfish. I took two photos and put them together and made it seem realistic. Photoshopping is fun and a easy thing to do.

Clay Tile

This project was fairly challenging. My refrence was a frog hanging from a stem. I was not pleased with my stem, so I made the frog seem as if he was hanging on a flower. The first thing that we did was cut a base slab of clay. Then we started to build on top of the clay to make the sculpture appear more realistic. I wish I could have done a better job painting the clay but I still like my clay sculpture and enjoyed doing this project.

Acrylic Landscaping Painting

This painting required three grounds. During this assignment, we went to the computer lab. I found a couple of references and this one was the easiest and had all three grounds. To start off this painting, I painted the whole canvas blue. Then I added color on top. This painting was not very hard to do but I wish that I would have made the whole plam tree instead of just doing some leaves.