Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transparent Project


Finding ideas for the transparent project was surprisingly difficult. I didn't want to do something that was common, but I also didn't want to do something so difficult that I would lose track of time and not be able to finish.

The light bulb itself was nerve wrecking because I didn't want it to look flat. The highlights and small details were hard, but I managed to get through it and I am happy with the outcome. The view behind the windows will be difficult because the source I have has the trees blurred and it is very light.

I finished drawing the flowers and added different highlights to the windows to make it have an old fashioned feel. I also added highlights in the corners of the windows to make it seem more realistic.
I am happy with my final product, but I wish I could have done better with the background. I am happy with the way the light bulb and the flowers turned out. This is unusual and not seen very often. I am also happy with my windows because they have a vintage feel and gives the project a more old fashioned look.

Candy Drawing

This drawing was fun because I was able to practice my highlighting. Also, I was able to use my imagination and use other colors in the drawing that were not in the candy. I enjoyed the candy project and realized what I needed to practice to make my drawings seem more realistic.

Point of View project

This project was very time consuming. It was hard and frustrating at the same time since I wanted to get every detail right. I wish I would have done more shading to make certain areas look more realistic. Overall, I am not disappointed in my final project, but I wish I would have done more instead of giving up.


This drawing was fun because it gave me a chance to work on my shading and highlights.