Thursday, May 28, 2015

Final Exam (P2)

This piece was a sketch for my animal cruelty project. Since this piece was a sketch I decided to use pencil because I am very comfortable and confident with it. I intended to grab the audience by focusing on their emotional side. I wanted the audience to feel a need to help when they saw a cute drawing of an animal with facts around it that described how many animals are being mistreated and abused. The media I chose helped portray a more realistic animal which helped grab the audience. I believe this piece was successful because it helped me grow as an artist. I learned more about the topic of animal cruelty myself while also educating others through my piece. 

I chose text/ magazine clippings as my media. I picked this media for a journal entry. This media was very fun to work with because I was able to use my imagination and put together different clippings to make something fun and comical. My motivation for this piece was to create something weird and fun and the media I selected allowed me to achieve my goal much easier. I believe that my final piece was successful because I was able to find many images that helped me achieve my goal of having a fun, energetic piece. 

The projects that allowed me to use drawing medias were my favorite. I enjoyed growing as an artist by drawing realistic figures. This class offered many projects that allowed me to use my imagination and take my artwork in many different directions. Personally, I am a student that likes direction. The freedom of this class was great, but also made pieces more challenging. Overall, this class was a lot of fun and I will miss it next year. 

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