Friday, September 21, 2012

Value Portrait

The first thing we did was to take a picture were a light casts a shadow on your face.  When starting to draw we traced all the shapes that we were able to find onto a piece of tracing paper. When we were finished tracing, we colored the back of the paper and traced the shapes agan with the colored side on the final piece of paper. After the shapes were transfered over as a outline, we began shading depending on what the picture looked like.

Values gives depth to the portrait. I found the different values by looking at the picture and finding certain areas that were either lighter or darker. Depending on where the different shades were allowed me to shade in the portrait to make it more realistic. 

Yes. I shaded my value portrait from a scale of lightest to darkest. There are parts that are either lighter or darker than other. 

I believe that my artwork turned out neat. My final product was almost exactly like the picture. I used the materials that I had to the best of my abilities. 

When shading darker areas, my pencil was sometimes not able to get dark enough or it wasnt blended all the way. So I used another pencil and either my finger or a shading tool. It was hard to draw the parts that were not as clear as others but I was able to see them a little more clear when holding the picture up to a window and tracing the parts that I couldn't really see all to well before.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


This project was alot of fun. Bob is just a regular cartoon character that didn't smell the best or have much detail. I tried outlining him and making him as dark as possible without the moss starting to drip. The main reason I painted Bob is because my best friend had created him and she ended up moving away. Now, hopefully he will grow and stay there for as long as possible.  



This assignment was alot of fun to do because we were able to get up and move to a different table and draw something different like pine cones, sea shells, bugs, and turtles. Everything had alot of small details which made it challenging. Some of the turtles were harder to draw because they moved around alot more than I expected. One of my turtles turned out looking more like a lizard than a turtle but I am still proud of my work.

Jerry the mouse's skeleton

I really enjoyed doing this project. I believe that is a successful piece because it has all the features of the mouse in bone form. Some of the bones stand out more than others so I wish I could have shaded and darkened some of the bones better. But overall I think that I did a good job on creating a idea of what the mouse's skeleton might look like.