Thursday, March 12, 2015

Teens Inspired

Teens inspired was a project created by
a team of teachers and museum directors looking for art from kids that have been touched by the genius of art pieces around the museum. Apex teamed up with another school and discussed ideas and pieces that could potentially be used as a reference in their pieces. Personally I was inspired by the nature pieces. I loved the elegant and the light simple colors used in the pieces. The use of light colors made the artwork calm and relaxed. Also, the artwork brought up the feeling of at ease and a carefree nature. I picked a beach piece from the museum simply because my love for the beach made it stand out amongst others and I thought that the artwork was so beautiful and brought a smile to my face. I was a bit scared to do this piece because it required painting and painting is not my strong suit. I looked up other references on Pinterest and tumblr and decided to keep a beachy feel, but to have my final artwork half drawn with charcoal and have painted with water colors. I thought my piece was cool and different because I changed the background and had my final piece was on minello paper. It is definitely not as calming and relaxed as I originally planned for, but it is simple and beachy like my reference. Overall, this project was fun and challenging. I was able to meet new people and to also be inspired by artists whose work is hanging on a meseum wall. I wish that I would have challenged myself more with my final piece, but I am satisfied with the outcome and glad that I tried something different than my normal pieces. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Many of my challenges was due to the lack of ideas. I could not think of an idea for this project until I came across the diphylleia grayi (a flower that turns transparent with rain). The hardest challenge with this piece was that I could not find a white that would appear very bright and solid. Also, trying to recreate something that is transparent is very difficult in itself. 

I found an idea on Pinterest. I had another idea associated with flowers and then I came across a particular flower that had everything I needed for the project. 

I'm not extremely happy with my final piece. I wish I could have used my resources better for this piece. 

This assignment was killer when it came to thinking of ideas. It took a long time of sitting and staring into space for one idea. Although it was hard, when you finally thought of something to create, your idea will be really cool and even though you are not as happy with it, maybe, others might think it is a very cool piece.